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Posted on November 3, 2018

Tours & Experiences

#1 Craft Beer experiences

Dec, 6 – 17:30 – Paulo Quintela (Networking Warm-up)

Craft beers are those produced almost in a “homemade way”. Several microbreweries, even using modern equipment and bottling their productions, are still considered as handcrafted breweries because of the care they have for their production, ranging from the basic ingredients of beer, to the preparation recipe and reaching the final flavours. Must be natural and not chemical.At Smart Travel you will have the opportunity to taste and also to try exclusive beer and try innovation with craft beers from the chestnut for example.

#2 Ecocity

Dec, 8 – 09:30

One of the keywords in the definition of Bragança’s strategy is the word ECO. Sustainability is the basis of this philosophy of preservation and monetization of resources, materialized in several public facilities. We will visit the Brigantia Ecopark, a space dedicated to new companies and innovation.

#3 Street Art Tour

Dec, 8 – 10:30

In Bragança the awakening to the Urban Art happened precisely in the Smart Travel of 2014, with the creation of the first two works, signed by known artists: Bordalo II and Zabou. Bordalo II has already returned to the city creating two more murals full of meaning and representativeness. Other artists, national and foreign, participated in the Urban Art Festivals promoted by the municipality (Sm’Art), and today, the city has a huge showcase of art on the streets, with more than 20 works, distributed in different parts of the city.

Culture City

Dec, 8 – 11:30

Culture is undoubtedly a symbol of the wealth of people. Bragança has been able to preserve and value cultural heritages, which give it a distinctive identity but, at the same time, it has been able to bet on modernity. It is this symbiosis between past and present that we propose in this experience, as well as the opportunity to visit some cultural facilities that give the visitor another look at this territory. This visit passes through the Mask and Costume Museum, Sephardic Museum and Contemporary Art Center.

The experience ends with the Lego City Tour in the Municipal Market. It’s one of the passions of some citizens of Bragança that whish to share with all the community.