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Posted on November 27, 2018

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher is Chief Innovation and Business Development Officer at Primavera Sound, an innovative Entertainment and Digital Media company, best known for its Primavera Sound Barcelona and Porto music festivals.
Previously he held the position of Chief Innovation and Information Officer at Madrid Regional Government’s land development and Real Estate agency, where he stayed for 11 years.
During his diverse professional career, Daniel has put his passion for innovation into practice by starting tech companies, developing technologies for cities and utilities, leading Digital Transformation programs at organizations both in the Public and Private sectors, or collaborating in city Master Plans.
Daniel Fletcher is Associate Professor of the Master in Real estate Development at IE School of Architecture & Design. As part of an intense research activity, his work is focused on topics like Smart Cities, city
governance, open and collaborative innovation, Digital Transformation in Real Estate, Smart Tourism, or new business models emerging around disruptive technologies and ideas.