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Posted on September 4, 2019

Amaia Bernaras

General Director of the Science and Technology Park of Guipuzcoa. Amaia Bernaras has over 25 years of experience in Technological Development and Innovation, having worked extensively on the development and implementation of Science and Technology structures and strategies. Amaia Bernaras has been a Senior Consultant at IDOM Consulting for thirteen years and Director of R&D and ICT at San Sebastian Technology Park for six years.

In the academic sphere, Amaia Bernaras held research and teaching positions at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), the University of Sydney (Australia), the University of Mondragon (Basque Country, Spain) and TECNALIA. -LABEIN (Spain).

Amaia Bernaras is a regular evaluator of the European Commission in different research programs. She was also an evaluator of bilateral science and technology agreements between the European Union, Brazil, and Chile. Amaia Bernaras has been consulted as an expert in developing the Basic Principles for Effective International Science, Technology and Innovation Agreements for the European Commission. Amaia Bernaras has several publications in books, magazines and international conferences.