About the Event

The Smart Travel event is the leading regional and national event to promote debate and reflection and promote awareness and best practices for small and medium-sized smart cities that can use tourism to power a structured and sustainable economic and social development. It is a great opportunity for leaders, citizens, and stakeholders to listen, learn and discuss the future development of our villages, towns, and cities. For solution providers, it offers the chance to put brands and solutions at the forefront of the minds of city leaders, planners, tourism offices, companies, startups, architects, developers, etc.

The Smart Travel event gathers every year a high-qualified audience and extremely competent and inspiring speakers and keynotes. Since 2014, already passed by this important and notorious international event, more than 2500 delegates and 300 speakers and keynotes. It’s undoubtedly one of the most important events to discuss tourism, sustainability, innovation and smart cities in remote and rural areas.

Previous Editions: 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017

7 December 2018


Since 2014, Smart Travel event is gathering some of the most brilliant and creative minds that are working close with urban development and tourism and sustainability but also with smart cities and smart destinations.

6 to 8 December: exclusive Networking moments and unique experiences!

The region of Bragança is famous for its hospitality, warm atmosphere and friendly people. Smart Travel, more than just a simple event, it’s a moment for human interactions, building relations and making friends. Smart Travel is the event that brings more than a conference, brings human values and purpose.

Our Guests

Daniel Fletcher
CIO Primavera Sound
Evgeny Angelov
Chairman BVCA
Hernâni Dias
Presidente Município Bragança
Nagore Espinosa
Researcher / Smart Tourism
Maria Marinova
Manager Bulgarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Normandy Madden
Director of Media and Brand Innovation The Digit Group (TDG)
David Carvalhão
Empreededor / Founder / Investor
Silverio Regalado
Presidente Município Vagos
Afonso Café
Advogado / Professor Universitário
Silvia Silva
Researcher / CREATOUR / Creative Tourism
Antonio Medina
Educador ambiental y consultor ambiental y turístico
Diogo Correia
Business Developer - Ubiwhere & Citibrain


In this year edition Smart Travel event will feature the most sophisticated components related with the touristic offer in the Northeast region of Portugal keeping focus on the specific and exclusive aspects and also the potential, needs and challenges for medium and small-sized cities and communities and their effort to confirm and adopt“intelligence” for the future.


The News

What future do we want for our cities? What is the role of Technology in society? How to engage citizens to participate more in democracy and communities? What kind of tools do we have? How to plan strategies that contribute to the happiness of our citizens? What is the role of small and medium-sized cities in the world? How can tourism become a smart tool to develop regions?

These are just some of the topics that are being discussed worldwide and also at Smart Travel.


Bragança has become the yearly hotspot not only for the discussion about the future of small and medium-sized smart cities in rural areas but also to debate and showcases some of the most innovative thoughts, insights, research and solutions for Smart Tourism.

Auditório Paulo Quintela - Rua Abílio Beça 77,
5300-011 Bragança

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