“Charles R. (Chuck) Wolfe provides a unique perspective about cities as both a long time writer about worldwide urbanism and as an attorney in Seattle, where he focuses on land use and environmental law.” (Amazon website)
Chuck Wolfe has been helping cities around the world to find ways of minimizing the effort and sacrifice of assuring the future, honouring the past and making intelligent decisions in the present.

During his stay in Portugal, Chuck will participate in the first international global event that, in 2014, crossed topics that were, before, apparently disconnected like Smart Tourism and Smart Cities. This event, SMART TRAVEL 2017 (www.smartravel.pt), happens every first weekend of December in the small city of the Northeast of Portugal, Bragança.

An event that, for being held in a small city in the interior of the country, also promotes the discussion and reflection on themes related to remote and periphery regions, having, throughout its last three editions contributed to help small and average size cities understand their positioning and necessities to keep up with the pace to an economic and social progress and development, inverting brain drain and depopulation, and alluring and keeping talent and investment.

This year, “SMART TRAVEL 2017 – INTELLIGENCE IS OUR DESTINATION” will involve Wolfe in an experimental process and challenge of local entities (companies, institutions, residents, technicians and politicians) to demonstrate some of the recipes that Chuck Wolfe describes in his latest book: “Seeing the Better City: How to Explore, Observe and Improve Urban Space”. For the author, it is “necessary to go beyond mere urban observation, there is a need to translate what see and visually feel in order to contribute to new policies, projects and regulation”.

Still according to Wolfe, “urban diaries are an escalating tool to learn to see and speak about what we like and dislike. They go beyond words, alongside with strengthening the community and not needing professionals in the leadership”, he mentions.

In previous editions, the event hosted some other famous keynotes and speakers from all over the world like Boyd Cohen, Rob Adams, Igor Calzada, Inigo La Serna, Manel San Roma, Dimitrius Buhalis, Mara Balestrini, Saskia Beer, Lorenzo Cantoni, Carlos Moreno, Esteve Almiral, Daniel Sarasa, Carl Piva, MikeleBrack, Pablo Chillon and others.

Besides Bragança, Chuck Wolfe will also visit three other Portuguese cities, amongst which are Lisbon and Porto, promoting a new theoretical and practical vision of the future of urban environments, regional asymmetries and the populations own vision and local politic decision makers.

Before visiting Portugal in December, Chuck Wolfe will tour the top major cities in Australia, crating connections with universities and diverse entities. He is also to take part in an academic interchange in Stockholm, capital city of Sweden.